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Tracking & Fleet Management Solution

For all your tracking needs which require a GPS tracker, we have you covered in Over 200 Countries.

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Complete GPS Tracking Platform

Afrifleet provides one of the best GPS tracking platform. Our GPS tracking system is aimed to provide all the essential services in a single application. It is compatible with any GPS tracker and runs on every platform without any hurdles. It has various functionalities that make the applications easy to use. We have multiple GPS vehicle tracking Devices for your distinct requirements. Our only maxim is to facilitate our customers with the ideal solutions.

Vehicle Tracking

This service is available to all our assets and vehicle tracking devices. Clients can either use our Cloud based GPS vehicle tracking solutions or the mobile apps that go with it.
Web Service: This is our cloud based GPS system that includes functionality such as GeoFencing, Management reports, Historic reports, messaging facilities and many more features.
Mobile Apps: Clients can have access to important yet detailed information about their assets to enable them make on the spot decisions about their fleet activities.
Apps available IOs and Android platforms.

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Driver Identification

Company vehicles can be operated by different drivers at different times. With our REID, a simple waive can automatically identify a driver within the tracking platform. You can then record and manage driver behaviour regardless of how many different vehicles he or she may be driving. This service is also effective for managing employee productivity. Accountability increases as drivers become more responsible for their driving actions and behaviours. It also eliminates the task of handwritten time sheets and less open to fraudulent recording.

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Heavy Machinery Monitoring

A tracking device for your heavy construction machines will indicate the precise location of your equipment providing you with the ability for instant recovery. Monitoring of heavy machinery, in contrast to general road vehicles, requires checking on different aspects of your asset. With these assets, it is recommended to monitor not only the position changes but also the time during which a given machine worked in that particular place. The time spent will ultimately show the engine run time, which affects directly monitoring the amount of fuel consumed by a machine. Proper management of fuel consumed eventually reduces your running costs.

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Dispatch and Routing Control

Afrifleet tracking system and devices allow you to monitor your dispatched vehicles in real time.
You can monitor the Arrival and Departure Times of your fleet. You can receive alerts when the vehicle arrives at a pre-defined location. This ultimately improves Customer Service and reduce Driving Time, Mileage and Delays. Ultimately, you get to meet your deadlines..

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Advanced Telematics Platform

Afrifleet keeps hands on advanced technologies which brings luxury to your work. Along with that, we have practice of adopting latest technology.

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Advanced Technology

We keep hands on advanced technologies which bring luxury to your work. Along with that, we have practice of adopting latest technology

Ensure Safety

Privacy and Security of data is always our top priority. Therefore, our back-end team works constantly to ensure its safety and reliability.

24x7 Support

Our team ensures that we are available to assist our clients at all times. This helps us achieve our objective of customer satisfaction.

About Us

Afrifleet Zambia is an advanced fleet management and tracking solutions company. The Company is owned and managed by a group of experienced and dedicated team who provide the driving force for its success. Our advanced tracking and fleet management system enables customers achieve greater efficiencies as well as enhanced security for their assets and vehicles, resulting in a huge cash savings and improved profit margins. Most businesses have come to appreciate the power and benefits of cloud-based systems to manage many aspects of their operations.
Our Cloud based GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management is no exception and we intend to keep it just that. Once you sign up to our Afrifleet web service, you just log in and start managing your assets and vehicles. No worries for expensive software installations and management. We also have IOs and android apps to go with the system.


To be the leading and most effective Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Solutions Company in Zambia and beyond.


To provide a complete fast, secure and innovative fleet management and tracking solution to our clients at very competitive rates.


We Strive to Build:

Our Strength

We have a highly scalable system to meet our clients needs. From the standard offering of vehicle tracking, and fleet management, to the more advanced optional offerings such as tracking driver behaviour, fuel and temperature monitoring; we have the most competitive range of benefits in the markets. Our clients are also able to track their assets in more than 200 countries with our global tracking packages. This gives them the ability to make effective strategic decisions. Company stakeholders can rely on us to receive their reports on time with our systems automated scheduled email and sms functions. Fleet managers will receive reports as and when they need them in their preferred format at the right time.

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Fleet Management

Our Mobile and Web-based tracking and fleet management software frees you from always depending on word of mouth, and gives you the power to monitor your fleet in real time. Our software runs on the tracker of YOUR CHOICE. The level of flexibility and user-friendliness of our GPS tracking system makes us the best GPS tracking platform available in the market.

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